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What do your Fundraising Donations to IICACC Support?

Since IICACC was established, the Coalition has done over one hundred presentations to over 2500 attendees at schools, service organizations and community-based education classes. Items needed for each of these presentations are:

  • Printed Presentation and Marketing materials for all attendees.
  • A power point projector and speakers to facilitate more effective presentations.
  • Consistent research on constantly changing predator tactics and newly developed social apps.
  • Ongoing development of new and effective methods for Statewide educational efforts.

IICACC has participated in over 50 community events around Idaho requiring:

  • Marketing materials.
  • Educational materials.
  • Give away items for children.
  • Pop-up tent, Signage & Banners.
  • Occasional Event rentals where required.
We love helping those who help keep children safe!

This is a letter from the Rupert Police Department thanking us for $1300 we donated to them so they could purchase software that allows them to download evidence from cell phones.
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